The Women of Muse Monthly

I didn’t get the chance to celebrate International Women’s Day yesterday as I wanted to, so I wanted to take the time out today to write a little something. As a female business owner, it has always been important to me to work with and support other women. Muse Monthly would not be the business it is today if it weren’t for some amazing women that I was lucky to meet along the way, and I am so grateful for their help and their friendship. Here is just a (not-so)quick list of badass ladies we’ve worked with who have been absolutely essential and amazing:

Of course, we’ll start off with our badass lady authors. From the start, I always wanted to use Muse Monthly to feature not only primarily debut authors, but also marginalized voices, including women and especially women of color and LGBTQ women. We’ve been so proud to feature Claire Fuller, Carola Dibbell, Aislinn Hunter, Natasha Pulley, Claire Vaye Watkins, Susan Abulhawa, Rebecca Scherm, V.E. Schwab, Ashley Ream, Yaa Gyasi, Jessie Burton, Margaret Atwood, Janie Chang, Emily Robbins, and Jami Attenberg.

Katelyn from Penguin Random House, Lauren from Simon & Schuester, Mary and Kelsey from Macmillan, Taryn and Kimberly from HMH, Gillian from HarperCollins, and Karen from Greywolf who are always providing us with beautiful book choices and making author collaborations happen!

Karen, Cheyenne, and Camille from Cratejoy, who make sure this thing runs smoothly and that Muse Monthly gets in the hands of beautiful bookworms everywhere!

Amanda from Out of Print, Benita from BookBeau, Julia from Brew Labs, who makes our custom teas happen and Courtney from Holbrook Candle Company, who made our gorgeous candles for our one year anniversary

Sam from BadGirlGoodTea, Kelly from Mountain Witch Tea Company, Brittany from Wight Tea Company, Stephanie from Forest Witch Tea, Sharon and Sue from Angry Tea Room, Kate from Ajiri Tea, and Judith from Amiteas, who make delicious tea and have been such a joy to work with. All of these women own small businesses and most of them work completely on their own to make and package all the tea we send out each month. It’s always a huge request and we are so happy to support them and get their product into the hands of a new audience!

Our wonderful artists who keep Muse Monthly pretty: Talula Christian, Mishie Del Rosario, Rebecca Graves Prowse, Lindsay Goldner, and Brittany from Novelly Yours

Liv, Summer, Shauna, Emma, Whitney, Reagan, Jose, Caroline, Hannah, Heather, Christina Marie, Tilly, Tasha, Jane, Jenni, and all our beautiful blogger friends who help share our love of books and tea

I also want to say that while I try to keep Muse Monthly pretty gender neutral in terms of content, the majority of you Muses are women, so thank you so much for joining me along this journey. I feel so blessed to have an amazing group of subscribers and I really am thankful for each and every one of you. You’re all incredible women, and I will always work to make sure that Muse Monthly puts a smile on your face!

There is also a select group of ladies who have been the heart and soul of Muse Monthly from the beginning, even before we launched the Kickstarter, without whom I would be drowning in self-doubt and anxiety: my dearest friends – Kate, Nikki, and Kelsey, and of course, my mom and my sister.  My mother especially has been incredible from the start. She always read to me as a child and instilled in my this love of books and tea, and if it weren’t for her, none of this would have been possible.

I am so grateful to all the strong, intelligent women that have come into my life during the past two years. Thank you is simply not enough!

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” —Michelle Obama


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