If You’re Considering Muse Monthly…

Think about the excitement of a new book. There’s that new book smell, smooth, unmarked pages, and an exciting story that awaits. It’s a new adventure to go on every month.

Think about the tranquility of a hot cup of tea, of curling your fingers around a warm mug and a moment of relaxation. Think about finding new, aromatic blends you’d never have considered before. Think about herbal teas to heal you from the inside, think about green teas to boost your energy, think about black teas to calm and soothe you.

Think about knowing you’ll have these feelings at least once a month. Think about finding new friends who are enjoying that same thing, who are reading the same book you are, who have the same questions, and are excited to find the answers along with you.

Think about finding new writers and getting to know them through the words on the page. Think about reading new stories by writers you already love. Think about being able to support writers that are women, LGBTQA, trans, POC. Think about finding writers from other countries. Think about finding writers that excite you and make you fall in love with reading all over again, and watching your bookshelves fill.

Think about being inspired each and every month.

Think about Muse Monthly

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