“I wish I had time to read!”

city of theives
You have no idea how often I hear “I wish I had time to read!” or “I never have time to read for pleasure anymore!”

Almost every time I tell people what I do, I hear something similar. And I always felt the same way, for a very long time I lamented not having time to read. I walked past my bookshelves full of unread novels and said to myself, ‘I really need to read that’ or ‘that’s been sitting on my shelf for ages, I should get around to it’. But it’s hard, when you’re working or going to school or busy with other things, to make time for your books.

You miss them, don’t you? They miss you too.

See, books are made to be read. They’re made to be enjoyed by you, to be taken in by you, to soak into your skin and become a part of your memory and your intellect. They need you just as much as you need them.

So, you need to give them some of your time.

It’s like a friendship – you need to text them just as much as they text you. Take time for your books, and they’ll give you all they have in return.

I like to read on the train during my commute. I get about an hour to myself, plug in my headphones, and get lost in my book.

I know a lot of people who take their lunch hour to read, who read on the subway, or for an hour before they go to bed. If you’re a student, you could take some time between classes or as a reward once you’ve finished your homework.

But it’s important to take time to yourself. It’s important to carve out an hour or two to relax and take time out from your daily life. You’ll re-energize yourself, exercise your brain, and if you’re lucky, get lost in a good story among the way!

Make time to read! You’ll be glad you did.